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Free Science Software

The following is a varied list of free science-based software (freeware) for Windows PCs. The links take you to a trusted and safe download site; CNet, where you can find more information about the software and a button to download and install the software onto your PC.

Please note that although all of the software here is considered to be virus free and safe, does not accept any responsibility for software created by 3rd party organisations. Please also remember to speak to your ICT department if you wish to download these applications to your school PCs.

Chemspread Pro

A chemistry spreadsheet calculator that balances virtually any chemical equation.

Learn all about the periodic table of elements.
OnScreen DNA Lite

Gives everyone a painless way to grasp the details of the double helix structure of DNA.
Molecular Workbench

Real time particle simulation engines that compute and visualise the motion of particles interacting through force fields, in both 2D and 3D.

Provides several excellent learning and calculating tools that can help you gain a stronger understanding of chemistry and the chemical elements.
Molecular Weight Calculator

The features included in this software are: molecular weight calculation from molecular formula and elemental composition calculation....

Software for drawing lab diagrams.

Program for genetical simulation of fruit fly breeding.
Solar System 3D Simulator

Application that generates a realistic solar system model and planets in 3 Dimension on the PC using advanced physics formulas.

Comprehensive physics simulation software from Crocodile Clips.
Smart Scientific Calculator

A fully featured scientific calculator that can convert fractions, calculate areas of circles, perform trigonometry etc.
Virtual C.R.O

Simulates a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (C.R.O.).

With PicoScope and a PicoScope USB Oscilloscope you get an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and signal/waveform generator all in one.

Turns your PC into a flexible and powerful signal generator for free.

This tool gives you the possibility to use your internal PC-speaker as a little frequency generator.