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Using Enzymes to Extract Fruit Juice
AKA: Enzymes

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Fig 1: Extraction equipment
Fig 1


Juice is extracted from an apple using enzymes.


Pectinase is a term used for enzymes which break down pectin which is contained within the cell walls of plants. It is used in the manufacture of apple juice. This practical investigates how more juice can be extracted from an apple when pectinase is used in the process.

Equipment required (per set):

  • Two funnels
  • Two beakers
  • Two filter papers
  • An apple
  • Water bath at 40°C
  • Dropper bottle or pipette of pectinase (5cm3)
Students need to set up two identical sets of equipment as in the picture above (see Fig 1) with an equal amount of finely chopped apple being placed in each filter paper.

5cm3 of pectinase is poured over the apple in one funnel and 5cm3 of water is poured over the other apple.

Both beakers need to be placed in a waterbath at about 40°C and left for 15 minutes or so. After that time, students should be able to see that the beaker with the pectinase has extracted more juice from the apple than the one containing only water.


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