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Choice Chambers
AKA: Habitats


Investigating animal habitats.


The sections of the choice chamber need to contain different environments such as dry, damp, dark and light or a combination of these.

When woodlice or maggots are introduced into the centre of the choice chamber, they will move towards and into the section they prefer. By counting the number of animals in each section after a given amount of time, students can deduce the preferred conditions for a particular species.

Equipment required (per set):

  • Choice chamber
  • Cotton wool (soaked or with water)
  • Black paper or cloth
  • Woodlice or maggots
  • Timer or stopwatch
A set number of the chosen animals are placed in the centre of the choice chamber. Ten is a good number. At one minute intervals, the amount of each animal in each section is counted. This is usually repeated for about five minutes.

Students should, after this time has passed, be able to see which conditions their chosen animal prefers.


 Wash handsEnsure you wash hands after the practical or handling animals.

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