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GHS Hazard Signs (New Designs!)

Important: Between 2010 and 2015 these new GHS signs will replace the traditional orange square hazard signs. For reference, these are still available HERE.

Please choose one of the 9 signs below, then choose the files you wish to download.

(Note: The text under each symbol has been adapted by CLEAPSS. It is intended to help users understand the nature of the hazard. It is not intended to replace the official hazard statements.)

GHS 01 (Explosive)GHS 01
GHS 02 (Flammable)GHS 02
GHS 03 (Oxidising)GHS 03
GHS 04 (Gas under pressure)GHS 04
(Gas under pressure)
GHS 05 (Corrosive)GHS 05
GHS 06 (Acutely toxic)GHS 06
(Acutely toxic)
GHS 07 (Moderate hazard)GHS 07
(Moderate hazard)
GHS 08 (Health hazards inc carcinogens)GHS 08
(Health hazards)
GHS 09 (Hazardous to the aquatic environment)GHS 09
(Hazardous to the aquatic environment)