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Type of wood Description/Uses Density kg/m3
Alder - Common From Europe and UK. Similar to poplar. Imported as plywood and used for turning. Light reddish brown colour. Not very durable. 530
Balsa From Ecuador. A low density wood used for model-making and insulation. 40-320
Beech From UK, Europe and America. Used for furniture, flooring, musical instruments. Often used for woodstrip and woodblock flooring. 720
Birch From UK, Europe and America. General purpose timber, plywood. 660
European Boxwood Turnery, craftwork, sports goods, musical instruments. 910
American Cedar From South and Central America. This wood is used for Cabinet making, boatbuilding, and light construction. 480
Cedar, Western Red From North America. Reddish brown, non-resinous lightweight softwood with good durability under all conditions. Used for roofing shingles and for interior furniture. Can cause corrosion of contact metal. 370
Sweet Chestnut A European tree used for furniture, fencing and often used for beams. Stains when in contact with damp iron. 560
European Cherry European/ American tree. Used for specialised crafted furniture, decorative work, musical instruments. 430
Ebony An African /Asian tree. Dark wood used for cutlery handles, musical instruments, craftwork. This is an endangered wood. 1000
Elm English. Cross grained with high tendency to warp. High temperature steaming reduces this tendency. Used for furniture, joinery, flooring, external cladding. Durable under water and excellent for piles and dock construction. 550
Elm Rock North American. Tough dense and resistant to abrasion. Durable under water and mainly used for piles and dock construction. 700
Fir, Douglas (softwood) From UK, Europe and North America. Straight grained softwood. Higher than average strength. Used extensively for plywood, heavy construction work, sea defences. 530
Silver Fir (softwood) Cultivated in European Plantations.Marketed as whitewood. Used for building, joinery, packaging. 480
Hemlock UK, European and N. America. Non resinous softwood with straight even grain. Not very durable. Used in construction industry for interior work, crates and boxes. 480
Hickory North American. Tough, hard smooth and straight grained. Used for spokes and rims of wheels, tool handles and machine parts. 820
Horse Chestnut A European tree sometimes used for handles and utensils and often used in beams. 510
Holly Grown in UK and Europe. Difficult to dry and will easily distort and split. Used for Craft work and inlays. 800
Larch Grown in UK softwood plantations and across Europe. Good strength and durability. A general purpose timber for outdoor use used for gates and fencing and mining timbers. 590
Lime Europe.Fine textured soft and compact and cuts cleanly. Not durable. Excellent for carving and is used for musical instrument construction. Brush backs and turning. 550
Mahogany From West Africa. Courser texture than other types of Mahogany Dark wood and not as stable. Used for utility and decorative work, indoors and outdoors, from boatbuilding to furniture and joinery. 530
Spanish/Cuban Mahogany Used in joinery, high quality furniture, plywood. 720
Maple From North America.Even texture hard and strong. Very good timber for flooring. Used for interior timbers and a wide range of industrial applications. 740
Oak UK, Europe and North America.Best wood for construction purposes demanding strength and durability. Wide range of applications, including joinery, furniture, fittings, flooring wood strip and woodblock flooring. 720
Pine (Redwood) Found UK, Europe and North America. Wide range of applications, including, furniture and flooring. 510
Rubberwood Grown in plantations in Malaysia. Often used in furniture production. 600
Rosewood Africa, South America, India. Sometimes used for furniture and musical Instruments. 850
Sapele From West Africa. Often used in furniture, joinery, decorative applications. 620
White Wood
From UK, Europe and North America. Near white straight grained softwood. Not durable in exposed locations. Generally used for boxes packing cases and construction work. 420
Sycamore Found in the UK and much of Europe. Used mainly for veneers. 610
Teak Mainly from S.E Asia. High quality furniture, joinery, garden furniture. Sometimes used for beams. 900
Walnut, European Native to UK and Europe.Greyish brown finely figured. Used for furniture cabinets, gun handles and rifle stocks. 640
Willow Native to UK and Europe. Lightweight, soft, perishable wood. Used to make cricket bats, basket work, toys and other items. 440
Yew Native to UK and Europe. Used for decorative veneers ornaments. - Historically used for bows. 670