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This page includes PDF downloads of the Periodic Table for use in class and for wall mounting (both in colour and black and white for photocopying). Updated in 2017, this periodic table now includes the 4 new elements that were announced in 2016 - Nihonium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc), Tennessine (Ts) and Oganesson (Og).

Click on the image below for a larger image or download one of the files below.

Fig 1: The Periodic Table
Fig 1:
The Periodic Table (click for larger image)

Periodic Table PDF files for printing (Right click and select "Save Target As...")

PDF icon A4 Black and White
Periodic Table A4 bw.pdf
PDF icon A4 Colour
Periodic Table A4 colour.pdf
PDF icon A3 Black and White
Periodic Table A3 bw.pdf
PDF icon A3 Colour
Periodic Table A3 colour.pdf