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The table below shows standard tests used to identify a range of chemicals. Students will routinely use these tests in relevant chemistry lessons

Test Chemical Procedure Result
Carbon dioxide Bubble gas through limewater Limewater turns cloudy if CO2 is present
Hydrogen Place a lit splint or taper near the mouth of a test tube containing gas Hydrogen will burn rapidly making a distinct pop' or squeak sound
Oxygen Place a glowing splint in a test tube containing gas Splint will re-light if oxygen is present
Chlorine Place damp blue litmus paper in a test tube containing gas Litmus paper turns red then bleaches white if chlorine is present
Water Add liquid to dry blue cobalt chloride paper
Add liquid to white anhydrous copper(II) sulfate crystals
Water will turn paper pink

Water will turn crystals blue
Alkenes (eg, ethene or liquid hexane) Shake the substance together with bromine water in a test tube If an alkene is present, the solution will become colourless