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General Data > Time, velocity, acceleration and volume flow rate units and equivalents


Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent
a.u. of time a.u. 2.41888x10 -17 s
blink   0.864 s
day d 8.64x104 s
day (sidereal) d (sider.) 8.6164x104 s
fortnight   1.2096x106 s
hour h 3600 s
Jordan's elementary time   9.3996x10-24 s
microsecond m s 1x10-6 s
millisecond ms 1x10-3 s
minut min, mn 60s
month (30 days)   2.592x106 s
month (sidereal)   2.36059x106 s
month (solar mean)   2.628x106 s
month (synodic), lunar month   2.55144x106 s
nanosecond ns 1x10-9 s
second s 1s
shake   1x10-8 s
week w 6.048x105 s
wink   3.33333x10-10 s
year (astronomical), Bessel year a astr. 3.15579x107 s
year (calendar) a, y 3.1536x107 s
year (sidereal   3.15581x107 s
year (solar mean) a, y 3.15576x107 s
year (tropical) a trop. 3.15569x107 s

Angular Velocity

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent
degree per minute °/min 2.90888x10-4 rad/s
degree per second °/s 1.74533x10-2 rad/s
radian per minute rad/min 1.66667x10-2 rad/s
radian per second rad/s 1rad/s
revolution per minute rpm, rev/min 0.10472rad/s
revolution per second rps, rev/s 6.28319rad/s


Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent
benz Bz 1 m/s
centimeter per minute cm/min 1.66667x10-4 m/s
centimeter per second c m/s 1x10-2 m/s
foot per hour ft/h, fph 8.46667x10-5 m/s
foot per minute ft/min, fpm 5.08x10-3 m/s
foot per second ft/s, fps 0.3048 m/s
furlong per fortnight furlong/fortnight 1.66309x10-4 m/s
inch per second in/s, ips 2.54x10-2 m/s
kilometer per hour km/h 0.277778 m/s
knot (noeud) kn, knot 0.514444 m/s
kyne c m/s 1x10-2 m/s
meter per minute m/min 1.66667x10-2 m/s
meter per second m/s 1 m/s
mil per year mpy 8.04327x10-13 m/s
mile (naut.) per hour (knot, noeud) knot 0.514444 m/s
mile (stat.) per hour mph, mi/h 0.44704 m/s
mile (stat.) per minute mi/min 26.8224 m/s
millimeter per minute mm/min 1.66667x10-5 m/s
millimeter per second m m/s 1x10-3 m/s
speed of light   2.99792x108 m/s

Velocity change with temperature

Unit Name
  Symbol SI Equivalent
foot per second per degree Fahrenheit ft/s-°F 0.54864 m/s-K
meter per second per degree Celsius m/s-°C 1 m/s-K
meter per second per Kelvin< m/s-K 1 m/s-K


Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent
celo ft/s2 0.3048 m/s2
centimeter per square second c m/s2 1x10-2 m/s2
foot per square second ft/s2 0.3048 m/s2
g (gravitational acceleration) g 9.80665 m/s2
galileo   1x10-2 m/s2
inch per square second in/s2 2.54x10-2 m/s2
kilometer per hour per second km/h-s 0.277778 m/s2
leo   10 m/s2
meter per square second< m/s2 1 m/s2
mile (stat.) per hour per second mph/s, mi/h-s 0.44704 m/s2
normal acceleration g n 9.80665 m/s2

Angular Acceleration

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent
degree per square second °/s2 1.74533x10-2 rad/s2
radian per square second rad/s2 1 rad/s2
revolution per minute per second rp m/s, rev/min-s 0.10472 rad/s2
revolution per square minute rpm/min, rev/min2 1.74533x10-3 rad/s2
revolution per square second rps/s, rev/s2 6.28319 rad/s2

Volume flow rate

Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent
acre foot per month acre-ft/month 4.69361x10-4 m3/s
barrel (US, liq.) per day bbl (US, liq.)/day 1.3801x10-6 m3/s
barrel (US, petrol) per day bbl (US, petrol)/day 1.84013x10-6 m3/s
cubic centimeter per second c m3/s 1x10-6 m3/s
cubic foot per minute cfm, ft 3/min 4.71947x10-4 m3/s
cubic foot per second cfs, ft 3/s 2.83168x10-2 m3/s
cubic inch per minute in 3/min 2.73118x10-7 m3/s
cubic inch per second in 3/s 1.63871x10-5 m3/s
cubic meter per hour m 3/h 2.77778x10-4 m3/s
cubic meter per minute m 3/min 1.66667x10-2 m3/s
cubic meter per second m3/s 1 m3/s
cubic yard per minute yd 3/min 1.27426x10-2 m3/s
cumec (musec) cumec 1 m3/s
gallon (UK) per day gal (UK)/day 5.26168x10-8 m3/s
gallon (UK) per hour gph (UK) 1.2628x10-6 m3/s
gallon (UK) per minute gpm (UK) 7.57682x10-5 m3/s
gallon (UK) per second gps (UK) 4.54609x10-3 m3/s
gallon (US, liq.) per day gal (US, liq.)/day 4.38126x10-8 m3/s
gallon (US, liq.) per hour gph (US) 1.0515x10-6 m3/s
gallon (US, liq.) per minute gpm (US) 6.30902x10-5 m3/s
gallon (US, liq.) per second gps (US) 3.78541x10-3 m3/s
liter per hour l/h 2.77778x10-7 m3/s
liter per minute l/min 1.66667x10-5 m3/s
liter per second l/s 1x10-3 m3/s
lusec   1x10-3 m3/s
miner's inch   7.07921x10-4 m3/s