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This page details some of the most common metal alloys. An alloy is a metal, blended with another metal or non-metal to give it special qualities such as resistance to corrosion, greater hardness, or tensile strength. The atoms in a metal are held together by the metallic bond. In a pure metal the atoms are all the same size and can slip over each other if a force is applied. In an alloy, the presence of different sized atoms can prevent such dislocations from weakening the metal.

Aluminium lithium Al-Li
Aluminium copper Duralumin
Aluminium silicon Silumin
Aluminium magnesium Magnalium
Aluminium nickel, cobalt Alnico
Copper zinc Dutch metal
Copper zinc Brass
Copper tin, aluminium Bronze
Copper tin and phosphorus Phosphor bronze
Copper nickel Constantan
Copper tin, zinc Gunmetal
Copper nickel Cupronickel
Gold nickel, palladium White gold
Gold copper Rose gold
Iron carbon Steel
Iron chromium, nickel Stainless steel
Iron tungsten or manganese Tool steel
Iron carbon Pig iron
Iron carbon Cast iron
Iron nickel, cobalt Fernico
Lead tin Solder
Nickel chromium Chromel
Nickel chromium Nichrome
Nickel titanium Nitinol
Nickel aluminium, cobalt Alnico
Silver copper Sterling silver
Silver gold Electrum
Tin lead, copper Pewter