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The table below shows the worlds most active volcanoes. The number in years represents how long the volcano has been continuously erupting for.

Volcano Country/Region No. Years Erupting/
Year started
Etna Italy 3500 years
Stromboli Italy 2000 years
Yasur Vanuatu 800 years
Ambrym Vanuatu 1935
Tinakula Solomon Islands 1951
Erta Ale Ethiopia 1967
Manam Papua New Guinea 1974
Langila Papua New Guinea 1960
Bagana Papua New Guinea 1972
Semeru Indonesia 1967
Merapi Indonesia 1967
Dukono Indonesia 1933
Sakura-jima Japan 1955
Suwanose-jima Japan 1949
Santa Maria Guatemala 1922
Pacaya Guatemala 1965
Arenal Costa Rica 1968
Sangay Ecuador 1934
Erebus Antarctica 1972
Piton de la Fournaise Reunion 1920
Kilauea Hawaii 1983

Most volcanoes occur along the edges of tectonic plates, as such many volcanoes have continued to form on sea beds deep beneath water. They do also occur in the middle of tectonic plates. When they do these areas are called 'volcanic hot-spots'.