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Rock which forms when rock and mineral particles get deposited and compressed over time.

Series circuit

An electric circuit connected so that current passes through each circuit element in turn without branching.

Shrink sleeving

A plastic sleeve into which electrical wires can be fed. The sleeve is then heated using a heat gun whereupon it shrinks, holding the wires firmly in place.

Signal generator

A device which can produce a variety of frequencies. Mainly used to generate tones in sound experiments.


A metal alloy which can be melted to join metallic surfaces. Used generally in electrical circuit repairs. Click here for a Soldering Guide.


The colours visible within a rainbow.


Abbreviation of stroboscope, a lamp capable of flashing at high frequencies.

Strobe wheel

A rotating disk with slits cut into it. When spun and the operator looks through the moving slits, a stroboscopic effect can be achieved. Click here for the Strobe Wheel equipment page.


Occurs when solids are transformed directly into vapor without passing through the liquid state.