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A device used to measure the direction and magnitude of a magnetic field.


A device used to measure atmospheric pressure. Click here for the Manometer equipment page.


The layer inside the Earth which lies below the crust but above the core. The Earth's mantle is approximately 2900 km thick.


The SI unit of mass is the kilogram (kg) The total amount of material in a body, a measure of the amount of matter.


Metamorphic rock is the result of a transformation of another rock type. They can be formed through, high pressure and temperatures and through friction and distortion.


A device for precisely measuring the thickness of materials, depth of slots etc.


A sensitive voltmeter which measures in microvolts (millionth of a volt) Sometimes used in electromagnetic induction experiments.


Part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwaves range from millimetres to almost a metre.


A sensitive voltmeter which measures in millivolts (thousandth of a volt) Often used in electromagnetic induction experiments.


The mole (mol) is the SI unit that measures the amount of a substance. A mole is the quantity of anything that has the same number of particles found in 12.000 grams of carbon-12. That number of particles is Avogadro's Number.


A group of at least two atoms in a definite arrangement held together by strong chemical bonds.

Motor (electric)

A device which converts electrical energy into kinetic energy.


A device consisting of more than one meter, usually to measure voltage, current and resistance in a circuit. Sometimes referred to as AVO meters (from Amps/Volts/ohms) which is a brand name. Click here for the Multimeter equipment page.