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Employers must make sure electrical appliances are safe to use and should carry out regular risk assessments to identify hazards and potential electrical issues. PAT Testers must ensure when testing that the safety guidelines supplied with the testing equipment are followed closely at all times.

Below is a list of common precautions you should be aware of.
  • Mains splitters and multiway adapters should be avoided where possible
  • Each fixed appliance should have an easily identifiable switch close by which isolates it from the mains supply in an emergency
  • Most lamps have a maximum wattage for bulbs that can safely be used. Do not exceed this wattage
  • Faulty equipment should be clearly labelled ‘FAILED’ and should immediately be taken out of service
  • Appliances should be turned off when performing repairs or cleaning
  • Appliances are stored safely and securely
  • Worn or damaged leads should be replaced as soon as the damage is noticed. Never use insulating tape to repair leads
  • RCDs should be used where possible, especially on power tools
  • Correct plugs are always used to connect appliances to the mains
  • Appliances are suitable for their intended job