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Once you have inspected, tested and recorded the results of a PAT test, you must label the appliance clearly, showing that it has either passed or failed. PAT test labels can be purchased through many electrical suppliers such as Rapid and RS and come in several different formats, see image below:

Fig 1: PAT Testing labels
Fig 1:
PAT Testing labels

The label must contain the following information:
  • The date of test and retest period or date that next test must be done by
  • The pass/fail status of the equipment
  • The serial number or another identifiable code of the appliance
The three fields above are important to ensure the condition of the appliance is clearly visible to the user, to identify an appliance easily and to help ensure frequent texts do not lapse accidentally.

Be aware of the types of label available. For example, if appliances are being used in a particularly hot and dirty environment, tough labels may be required. In schools, pupils tend to tamper with all labels, whether they are serial numbers or PAT stickers. Try to stick them to a part of the appliance that can easily be seen by the operator/tester but is far enough away from idle student hands.

Some of the labels in the photo contain barcodes. This type of label is designed to be 'read' by a barcode reader which may be connected to a PAT tester. Once the information about the appliance is fed into the PAT tester, every time you need to test the appliance, you simple scan the barcode and the data will appear on-screen. These barcode readers are only available as a feature on the top-end PAT testers but they do save a lot of your time as you have to enter less data about each appliance.

If you have failed an appliance, you will need to clearly mark its status as 'FAILED' and put beyond use. You should inform the owner and/or user of the unusable appliance and make a record of it in your results sheet.