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Keeping regularly updated records of all the electrical appliances within your school is essential, not only for your own benefit but also in case something goes wrong.

The results of PAT tests should be kept in either a spreadsheet or database on a computer or alternatively handwritten in tables and kept safe for the life of the appliance.

Good records can aid the PAT tester in many ways. Looking back through an old appliance record may show how the earth bond test results deteriorate over the years. From this you may be able to predict the life of the appliance and know what to especially look out for when you conduct the next test.

The frequency of tests can also be configured to match test results. If you are testing a labpack every month for example and the tests always come back positive in the guidelines, you may consider testing less frequently and relying more on visual checks.

PAT records have also been key in the defence of prosecutions, providing evidence that the PAT tester took all the reasonable steps to ensure the appliance was tested in an appropriate and thorough way.

Some PAT testing devices which store test results can be made to upload that data to a PC, allowing the operator to simple copy and paste the results into a ready-made table or database. This is not only time saving but also limits the degree of human error that may occur when transferring data manually.

Usually in schools, the health and safety representative may hold PAT testing records to show auditors or insurance officers.

A sample PAT testing speadsheet can be found HERE which you can download and use as your PAT record.