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The table below shows the different colours which may be produced when compounds are heated in a blue Bunsen flame.

Powdered compounds or solutions may be used in flame tests.

Please note that if using nichrome flame test loops, an orange/yellow flame may be always be present. Platinum loops are preferred but expensive. Also note that burning of some of the compounds in the table below could be hazardous. Please refer to CLEAPSS or other professional advice.

Symbol Element Colour
As Arsenic Blue
B Boron Bright green
Ba Barium Pale/Yellowish Green
Ca Calcium Orange to red
Cs Caesium Blue
Cu(I) Copper(I) Blue
Cu(II) Copper(II) non-halide Green
Cu(II) Copper(II) halide Blue-green
Fe Iron Gold
In Indium Blue
K Potassium Lilac to red
Li Lithium Magenta to carmine
Mg Magnesium Bright white
Mn(II) Manganese(II) Yellowish green
Mo Molybdenum Yellowish green
Na Sodium Intense yellow
P Phosphorus Pale bluish green
Pb Lead Blue
Rb Rubidium Red to purple-red
Sb Antimony Pale green
Se Selenium Azure blue
Sr Strontium Crimson
Te Tellurium Pale green
Tl Thallium Pure green
Zn Zinc Bluish green to whitish green

See CLEAPSS advice on using and disposing of specific compounds.