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The table below shows the typical fractions of crude oil obtained from an oil refinery. When conducting the simulated crude oil distillation practical, the fractions produced should be similar to several of the fractions listed below.

Fraction Boiling point range (°C) No. of carbon atoms Typical uses
Petroleum gases below 0 1-4 chemical industry, bottled gases
Petrol (gasoline) 0-100 5-8 vehicle fuel
Naphtha 100-170 9-10 chemical industry
Paraffin (kerosene) 170-250 11-14 Aircraft fuel
Diesel oil 250-340 15-19 vehicle fuel
Lubricants and waxes 340-500 20-35 lubricating oil, polishes
Fuel oil 500+ 36-45 shipping fuel, power stations
Bitumen (not distilled) 45+ roofing, road surfacing