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HammersNAIL HAMMERS: For common and finishing nail sets. Not for masonry nails, cold chisels and other metal.

BALL PEIN HAMMERS: For cold chisels, punches, rivets and shaping metal.

BRICK HAMMERS: For setting splitting bricks, tiles, concrete blocks. Also for chipping mortar.

BLACKSMITH HAMMERS: For spikes, stakes, cold chisels, hardened nails, etc.

Strike squarely with the hammer striking face parallel with the surface being struck. Always avoid glancing blows and over and under strikes.

When striking another tool (chisel, punch, wedge, etc.), the striking face of the proper hammer should have a diameter approximately 3/8" larger than the struck face of the tool.

Always use a hammer of suitable size and weight for the job. Don't use a tack hammer to drive a spike, nor a sledge to drive a tack.

Never use on hammer to strike another hammer or a hatchet.

Never use a striking or struck tool with loose or damaged handle.

Discard any striking or struck tool if tool shows dents, cracks, chips, mushrooming, or excessive wear.

Never regrind, weld or reheat-treat a hammer.