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PliarsPliers should not be used for cutting hardened wire unless specifically manufactured for this purpose.

Never expose pliers to excessive heat. This may draw the temper and ruin the tool.

Always cut at right angles. Never rock from side to side or bend the wire back and forth against the cutting edges.

Don't bend stiff wire with light pliers. Needle nose pliers can be damaged by using the tips to bend too large a wire. Use a sturdier tool.

Never use pliers as a hammer nor hammer on the handles. They may crack or break, or edges may be nicked by such abuse.

Never extend the length of handles to secure greater leverage. Use a larger pair of pliers or a bolt cutter.

Pliers should not be used on nuts or bolts. A wrench will do the job better and with less risk of damage to the fastener.

Oil pliers occasionally. A drop of oil at the hinge will lengthen tool life and assure easy operation.

Safety glasses or goggles should be worn when cutting wire, etc. to protect eyes.