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The following are examples of energy transfer and the ways in which the energy is converted from one type to another. All of these can take place in the classroom and so can be easily demonstrated. Please note that some of the processes listed may produce more than one output energy. For example frictional forces can create heat AND sound.

Input Process Output
Magnetic Induction coil or generator Electrical
Kinetic Through friction caused by a moving surface making contact with another Heat
Chemical Eating food and moving or using batteries in a toy car kinetic
Elastic potential Flicking an elastic band kinetic
Gravitational potential Dropping a ball from a height onto the floor sound
Light An incandescent bulb will become hot if left on for a period of time heat
Chemical This process occurs in batteries electrical
Gravitational potential A ball rolling down a slope kinetic
Heat Convection currents from a flame can “lift” ash into the air kinetic
Electrical Hi-fi speaker sound
Magnetic Small bearings will move towards a strong magnet kinetic
Elastic potential A twisted rubber band can turn a small motor, creating electrical current electrical
Electrical Lamp or LED in a circuit light
Heat Whistling kettle sound