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The table below shows different types of energy and a description of its properties.

Energy Type Description
Magnetic Energy in magnets and electromagnets
Kinetic Energy in moving objects. This can be demonstrated using the Airtrack apparatus
Heat Also called thermal energy, this is the energy in flames or heat sources
Light Also called radiant energy, this comes from anything that is luminous such as a candle or electrical filament
Gravitational Potential This is the energy stored in raised objects, the higher the object, the greater the GPE.
Chemical This is the energy stored in batteries, food or fuels that get converted into another form of energy.
Sound This energy is released by vibrating objects such as musical instruments.
Electrical This is the energy contained in moving or static electrical charges.
Elastic Potential This energy is stored in stretched or squashed objects such as rubber bands.
Nuclear Nuclear energy is stored in the nuclei of atoms and can be released in power stations.