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Radiant heat is energy which is emitted directly from a heat source. The table below shows the temperature (or Effective Temperature) of Selected Radiant Sources.

radiant energy source
3 cosmic background radiation
306 human skin
500 household oven at its hottest
660 minimum temperature for incandescence
770 dull red heat
1400 glowing coals, electric stove, electric toaster
1900 candle flame
2000 kerosene lamp
2800 incandescent light bulb, 75 W
2900 incandescent light bulb, 100 W
3000 incandescent light bulb, 200 W
3100 sunrise or sunset (effective)
3200 professional studio lights
3600 one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset (effective)
4000 two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset (effective)
5500 direct midday sunlight
6500 daylight (effective)
7000 overcast sky (effective)
20-30,000 lightning bolt