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Quickfit Glassware
AKA: Glassware

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Fig 1: Quickfit stopper
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Quickfit is a system of glassware which fits together easily and interchangeably.


Many schools already use Quickfit glassware kits because of their ease in setting-up. Kits can be purchased from many lab suppliers which comprise many of the standard parts or single pieces for non-standard or replacement use are often stocked. The whole range comprises over 1200 products which enables you to construct almost every possible combination.

The main advantage of using Quickfit glassware is that all the pieces fit snugly together because of its frosted glass cones and joints. This means that for practicals such as fractional distillation, you get a good seal with no leakage.

Several sizes are sold so if replacing parts, ensure the diameter of the tubing matches your set. The frosted glass parts are precision engineered to make sure the seal is as air tight as possible. This can be further achieved by applying a small amount of lab grease or Vaseline before fitting together. Non frosted joints are available for use with shock-sensitive reagents such as diazomethane.

The joints can also be held firmly together using keck clips which are usually colour coded to denote diameter sizing.

The photos above show just a few of the many parts available.


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