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Infrared Heat Lamp
AKA: Heat Lamp

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Fig 1: Commercially available heat lamp in holder
Fig 1


A mains powered lamp which emits a large quantity of IR radiation and radiant heat.


These lamps can be bpurchased from lab suppliers or electrical retailers. Usually of high wattage, these mains powered lamps create a lot of heat when switched on, emitting a lot of infrared radiation.

In science the lamp is mainly used for heating. The high light output makes it useful in solar power lessons (though the heat produced may be detrimental) can be used to show thermal radiation when used with an infrared thermometer. It can be used with a Watt meter to show pupils the high power consumption and also to show pupils how electricity can be turned into both light and heat.

These lamps emit both visible light and infrared light of a wavelength that is invisible to the human eye. A majority of the heat comes from the visible light and radiation from the heat of the filament. It is a misconception that all radiant heating comes from IR radiation, only around 50% of the heat from the sun comes directly from IR radiation, the rest comes from visible light.


 CautionThis type of heat lamp remains hot long after use.

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